Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C) is the largest pet organization in the northeast, rescuing nearly 34,000 animals each year, and The Special Treatment and Recovery (S.T.A.R.) Fund is a very special component of their mission. The STAR Fund is dedicated to raising support for the treatment of many injured or ill cats and dogs each year, paying for medical care provided by veterinarians in AC&C’s shelters and for emergency treatment and hospitalization in outside institutions. Recently, the Fund played an important role in saving the life of River, a one-year old Golden Retriever mix who was hit by a car on the Bronx River Parkway. After being rescued by AC&C field officers, River was brought to an AC&C shelter for immediate management of his injuries and then transferred to an outside veterinary hospital for stabilization and additional medical care. With The STAR Fund paying for his hospitalization and treatment, River made a full recovery and has been joyfully adopted by a witness to the accident in the Bronx. The STAR Fund additionally covers medical care for animals suffering from cruelty or neglect, and for those in AC&C’s Foster Care Program. When Foster Care cats and dogs – animals too young or small to be spayed/neutered, nursing a litter, or too ill or injured to be adopted –need medical care, The STAR Fund resources are available for them. The STAR Fund is clearly essential to AC&C’s ability to fulfill its mission to promote and protect the health and safety of pets and people in New York City. To learn more, please visit AC&C’s website.

Organizations We Love

In addition to direct partnerships with select organizations, we are aware of the missions of others and the strides they’re making in their efforts. We wholeheartedly support the causes of all those listed below, and would like to raise the level of awareness of them.

We encourage you to get involved with those most appealing to you. Whether that mean a direct financial contribution, donating toys and food, or just volunteering an hour of your time, it all helps. We are all involved in the same fight for a world in which animal welfare is not merely a concern of the “sentimental” few, but a norm in society.

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It can be a source of great frustration for those of us who want to help, but don’t know what to do. But of course the worst thing we could do is nothing at all. The Companion Project has made it a mission to find, single out, and applaud those who find new ways to […]

I have always felt that a house just isn’t a home without a companion. As soon as I was able to, I began looking to adopt a dog. Then late one January a few years ago, my search led me to Animal Care & Control of NYC. A dog had recently come to the Brooklyn […]

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The following post is a personal account by Companion Project team member, Christina Dusenberry. After Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, my husband Keith and I went out into the surrounding areas of Brooklyn and Queens to help out however we could. We saw entire neighborhoods — places we’d grown up visiting — practically destroyed […]

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